4 Top Online Sports Betting Sites in the USA

Online betting sites are all over and easily accessible. So, how do you know which ones can be trusted? Lucky for you, we know and we would love to share our top sports betting sites in the USA. Our list includes several sites that can be trusted and is legit. Feel free to research them a bit more and see which one is best for you.


This site gets a five-star rating from us and is our favorite site. You receive a nice Welcome Bonus and it is the top sportsbook for American Players. It is easy to make deposits and you use one account for sports betting and casino games. This site is unfortunately only for US players and they offer limited coverage of sports that don’t take place within the borders of North America.


This is also a great site to use and it offers up to 50% bonus. You get $25 free play when you take part in live betting. This site is one of the more established and has been running for more than 15 years. They offer great customer support any time of the day or night. BetOnline does put deposit limits on new players.


Another great betting site. It gets four stars from us. They offer secure deposits and free payouts. The interface is one of the best and they have fast payouts. They have limited deposit methods, however, and this may be a problem for some. They also don’t really cover sports events that happen outside of the US.

5 Dimes

This site offers a large variety of wagering options and gets 4 and a half stars from us. You can earn free play rewards of up to $520. They offer different bonus options and quick payouts.

These are the 5 betting sites that we recommend for our beginner sports bettors. Each site offers something a little different than the others and you will have to decide which one appeals to you. They are all great, so you will be safe no matter which one you choose.

"4 Top Online Sports Betting Sites in the USA"

The Best Sports Betting Strategies According to the Professionals

Sports betting is one of the most popular pass-times of sports lovers. They love betting on their teams and seeing them win. Of course, the payouts are also a great advantage. Sports betting offers the opportunity to win money over the long haul and that makes it unique. We spoke to a sports betting expert to hear what his strategy tips here.

  1. Choose a team to focus on – This increases your chances and also helps you to get to know and understand the team. If you have a big bankroll and you can bet on random teams for fun, then do so. However, if you are just starting, it is best to stick with one team and learn all you can about them.
  2. Bet only 1% to 2% of your bankroll – This is the safest way to bet and ensure that you don’t lose everything on a single bet. Rather spread it out over several bets and keep yourself from going bankrupt in one go.
  3. Learn more and create your own strategies – Find out what the ATS records are as determined by Vegas lines. You should gather information on teams, trends, predictions, public opinion, etc. You can also buy software that can help you create your own strategies. The information you gather through these two methods may just put you a few steps ahead of other bettors.
  4. Check the weather – It is important to take into account the weather that is forecast for the day of play. Cold or rainy weather can influence play and you should learn how to adjust your betting strategy accordingly.
  5. Find a betting system – Betting systems are found in all forms of gambling. It is a system that you follow in the event of winning or losing. You will have to do some more research about these systems to fully understand them. Two well-known systems are the Martingale and the Labouchere systems.

As you become more experienced, you will learn to adjust your strategy and work out new strategies that will increase your odds of winning.

"The Best Sports Betting Strategies According to the Professionals"

Top Tips for Successful Sports Betting

People across the world love sports. No matter what the sport or what the country, you will find sports fans everywhere. Some people add some entertainment value by betting on their favorite teams and others take it more seriously and actually make it a full-time hobby. No matter in which category you fall, if you like to bet on a sports team, we have some tips to help increase your chances.

Find the best sites – There are many sports betting sites out there and it is important that you find one that is legitimate and safe. Do some checking on review sites and find out which betting sites are more trusted and reputable.

Remain calm and disciplined – It is important that you only bet what you can lose. Decide beforehand what you are comfortable with betting and potentially losing. Don’t bet more than that. A good rule to follow is to only bet about 1% or 2% of your bankroll on each bet.

Stick with the sports you know – It is better and safer to bet on sports that you know well. Betting on sports that you know nothing about may lose you money unnecessarily. The more you know about the sport, the better your judgement will be when you place bets.

Keep things simple – More complicated bets have the potential to offer bigger payouts. However, these complicated bets can also cause you to lose a lot if you don’t know what you’re doing. Stick to simple bets until you have gained some more experience.

Do research – The more you know the better your predictions will be. Learn as much as you can about the sports and the teams that you are betting on. If you do your homework, you will get better at predicting outcomes and this will make you more successful when betting.

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These simple tips will get you started and hopefully prevent you from great losses. Always remember to keep it simple and remain calm. Never bet what you cannot afford.

"Top Tips for Successful Sports Betting"